Favorite Authors

This is a list of authors who I think are among the best on the Internet. Most of them have written so many good stories that it would be tedious to list them all individually. The fandoms listed are those that have recommendations on this site, but the author may have written stories for other fandoms.

Name Fandom(s) Site #1 Site #2
Aja Gravitation Author's Site Gurabiteshiyon.net
Angrybee Gravitation LiveJournal Gurabiteshiyon.net
Beren Harry Potter LiveJournal The Restricted Section
Bonnejeanne & Von Gundam Wing Gundam Wing Addiction
Calanthe Harry Potter LiveJournal The Hex Files
Dextrousleftie Gravitation, Kyou Kara Maou, Novel, Original, Weiβ Kreuz Author's Site Author's Site
Dyna Dee Gundam Wing Kracken's Site
Eriador117 Harry Potter, Novel Author's Site HP Fandom
Gaedhal Queer as Folk (US) LiveJournal Author's Site
Jade Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter, Gravitation, Gundam Wing, Harry Potter, Weiβ Kreuz Author's Site
Jei Gundam Wing LiveJournal Amy Mizuno's Little GW Page
Jinjyaa Kyou Kara Maou Author's Site Fanfiction.net
Katsu Gundam Wing, Novel Author's Site Fanfiction.net
Kimberjingle Harry Potter Yahoo! Groups
Kracken FAKE, Gravitation, Gundam Wing, Novel Author's Site a little piece of gundam wing
Lani Harry Potter The Restricted Section
Little Mouse Gundam Wing (Lost Author)
Lomonaaeren Harry Potter LiveJournal AdultFanfiction.net
Melissa Good Novel, Über Xena, Xena: Warrior Princess Author's Site
MomsDarkSecret FAKE, Gravitation, Gundam Wing, Original MediaMiner Fanfiction.net
Moonshadow Woman Novel, Queer as Folk (US) Author's Site
O. G. Walton Queer as Folk (US) Moonshadow Tribe
S. X. Meagher Novel, Über Xena Author's Site The Athenaeum
ShenLong Dragonball/Z, Gundam Wing Author's Site Author's Site
Silent Auror Harry Potter LiveJournal Skyehawke
Simon Queer as Folk (US) Moonshadow Tribe
SkyLark Gundam Wing Amy Mizuno's Little GW Page Gundam Wing Diaries
Sol Gundam Wing Kracken's Site Gundam Wing Addiction
Sun Queer as Folk (US) Moonshadow Tribe
Sunhawk Gundam Wing Kracken's Site
Thyme Queer as Folk (US) Moonshadow Tribe
Vorabiza Harry Potter Yahoo! Groups HP Fandom