Welcome to my fanfiction recommendation page. My name is Goku Girl and I'm the resident critic. For the most part, this site will contain fanfics that I've found on the web myself, but I also accept other people's recommendations as long as they meet my minimum requirements (and they're good, of course).

What gives me the audacity to decide what's good and what's bad? Actually, nothing. What I think is a good story and what someone else thinks may be different. I'm just going by what I like, and what I've found to be worth my time (especially when it comes to how likely I am to read it again).

Anyone uncomfortable with gay- and lesbian-themed fiction (also known as shounen ai, shoujo ai, yaoi, yuri, slash, and alt) should leave this site since the vast majority of the fanfics I'm recommending are of this nature. If you decide to ignore this and want to flame me (or the authors) later, don't. Be mature and don't read what you don't like. For a short description of what each term means, hover over it for a few seconds. For a long description, click on it.

Carefully observe the posted ratings, pairings, genres, and warnings. The definitions for everything you'll need to know will be at the top of each recommendation page.

After reading one of the excellent stories recommended on this site, don't forget to let the author know you enjoyed it!

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May 29, 2013

This is yet another resurrection of Goku Girl's Fanfiction Recommendations. Over the next few months, I'll be clearing out a huge backlog of recommendations that I've been gathering for the past several years as well as adding some newer ones. As of today, all of the story links on this site work. I would like to have at least two links per story (just in case one of them goes bad), but not all of the recommendations are like this. I encourage you to submit a new link to me if you have one as well as report broken links.

25 new recommendations have been added as well as three new fandoms (FAKE, Kyou Kara Maou, and Weiβ Kreuz) and several new favorite authors.

In this update, I highly recommend...

Forgive Those Who Trespass by Lomonaaeren starstar

Fandom(s): Harry Potter

Rating: AO

Genre(s): Alternate Universe, Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Horror, Romance

Main Pairing(s): Harry/Draco

Warning(s): Dark, Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Lemon, Minor Character Death, Psychological Issues, Torture

Length: 34 chapters, 142,393 words

Summary: (from LiveJournal) Harry was convinced he had an ordinary, if inconvenient, life. Then Ron and Hermione vanished into the Department of Mysteries. And it seems the only person who might know where they are is a mute Draco Malfoy.

Status: complete

Added: May 29, 2013

Link(s): LiveJournal, AdultFanfiction.net, The Hex Files

Comments: The author warns about violence, gore, and torture. This is seriously a warning not to be taken lightly. It's an excellent story, but sensitive people should stay away from it.

October 07, 2007

I made up for going months between updates by adding two dozen stories. There are more on my list, but I figured I needed to have something for next time. Remember: you can always send me your own recommendations or even submit your own fanfics for review.

In this update, I highly recommend...

I Found My Heart in San Francisco by S. X. Meagher starstar

Fandom(s): Über Xena

Rating: AO

Genre(s): Drama, Humor, Romance

Warning(s): Graphic Language, Lemon

Length: 16 novels + short stories

Summary: Two female Berkeley students meet and fall in love.

Status: incomplete

Added: October 07, 2007

Link(s): Royal Academy of Bards, The Bard's Corner

Comments: There aren't words to describe how good this series is. It takes place in contemporary California and deals with many different issues people are still trying to deal with today. There will be 26 stories total, I believe, and all of them will be novel length. You can buy some of the novels in printed form. See her website for more info. The Royal Academy of Bards has all of them while The Bard's Corner doesn't.

February 03, 2007

Nine new recommendations added.

In this update, I highly recommend...

A Thousand Beautiful Things by Lemon Bar starstar

Fandom(s): Queer as Folk (US)

Rating: M

Genre(s): Alternate Universe, Drama, Romance

Main Pairing(s): Brian/Justin

Warning(s): Graphic Violence, Nonconsensual, Psychological Issues

Length: 16 chapters, 50,000+ words

Summary: (from Midnight Whispers) Between his infuriatingly understanding therapist; 'the gang' who still insisted that he was a part of them; nurses who glared at him for being such a shit, and apparently mistreating their most sacred patient (Justin, his poor mute, helpless roommate), and Justin, not to mention the nightmares he suffered nightly -- Brian severely wondered if perhaps choosing a prison sentence might have been easier on him than the fresh hell that was Liberty Hospital.

Status: complete

Added: February 03, 2007

Link(s): LiveJournal

Comments: This story is very unique, and very humorous at times. The entire gang is at Liberty Hospital, from Lindsay the psychiatrist to Debbie the hard-assed nurse to clinically-depressed Michael who threatens to drown himself for attention. The sequel, Slowly, but Exceedingly Fine, can be found here.

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